Empowering Your Next FPGA Project

We strive to make working with FPGAs easy & accessible to encourage a new wave of adoption into the FPGA revolution


Our Goal

FPGAs have some unique benefits over micro controllers / processors both in speed and the efficiency in which it can perform a task by having a solution built in dedicated parallel hardware. Yet the complexity both in regards to tooling and designing a project have created a high barrier to entry.

We at Lushay Labs believe that by making processor experimentation and development accessible it enables a new generation of ideas and breakthroughs in the industry. So wether it be the next big general-purpose processors or an exciting new ASIC we believe it all begins with geting more people involved.

What we are offering

Tools, courses and projects to ease in FPGA development


Open-source tools to augment your FPGA development and ease in the designing, testing and debugging of your project.


Learn faster using our free in-depth tutorials & courses that go in-depth over all steps and theory of FPGA development.

Cost effective

We provide developement kits which provide you with everything you need to build a complete FPGA product.

Open-Source ❤️

We support the open-source and open-toolchain eco-system. Many people from the FPGA community have worked hard on an open-source foundation which makes any of this possible.

We at Lushay Labs want to support this so all our tools will be free & open-source and our tutorials will only use open-source software and toolchains developed by the community.

Education First

Lushay Labs has a focus on the education of electronics spending a part of all revenue in free educational content. Subscribe to be notified on new articles / projects / video series along with our product updates.

We also create educational kits for learning concepts with a real-world application example. We partner with the best educational talents to provide the kit along with a step by step course explaining the theory along with the practice.

Build with your processor

After you have a design that you want to test we offer some FPGA development boards. We offer different options for development based on your needs and the peripherals required in your project

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